About Us

Headquartered in Richmond, Virginia, Med Inc. partners with patients and their families to deliver complex, high-quality respiratory products and services. We are one of the largest providers in our targeted multi-state area, which includes Virginia and the Washington D.C. area. Med Inc. is a privately held company focusing on respiratory care management programs for patients with COPD and neuromuscular disease. We are accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Health Care, (ACHC). Med Inc. is a proud recipient of this accreditation, which reflects our commitment to providing patients and families with first-class products and services.

We customize our innovative solutions through a holistic approach to providing each patient with the greatest comfort, movement and dignity. Our passionate, knowledgeable and resourceful professionals support physicians, medical staff, hospitals, clinics and national associations in developing collaborative patient care strategies.

Combining deep experience and valuable relationships, we’ve become a central source of expertise for patients and their families throughout the disease process. Our employees are committed to honoring their trust by being responsive and knowledgeable—traits that allow us to anticipate and plan for our patients’ long-term needs. The Med Inc. team brings together vision, confidence and determination to focus on improving the quality of life for our patients.

Patients trust Med Inc. to provide compassionate, knowledgeable and responsive service.

Authentic and compassionate.

Practical, passionate and optimistic, Med Inc. employees are dedicated to helping others. Our culture is warm and inviting. We partner with patients and their doctors to find the best solution for their needs.

Knowledgeable and experienced.

As a highly accredited major provider of complex respiratory equipment and services, we’ve worked with numerous patients, suppliers, support associations, hospitals and clinics throughout our targeted coverage area. We understand the complexities of respiratory therapy better than anyone else. Through our experience, we’ve become strongly attuned to patients’ evolving lifestyle (practical, physical and emotional) needs, making them easier to anticipate. We also have unrivaled knowledge and experience working with insurers to guide and counsel you and your family through the often confusing, time-consuming and complex world of reimbursement.

Ready and responsive.

We’re prepared to tackle all aspects of rehabilitative home health care—medical or not—quickly and efficiently. We satisfy our clients’ diverse needs through rigorous training, a dedicated patient focus and comprehensive technical knowledge, providing what they need, when they need it.

Also serving your needs for home health and hospice services:

Individualized home care of the highest quality

Compassionate, individualized hospice care

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